Amicale de Production

Antoine Defoort, Mathilde Maillard, Julien Fournet, Sébastien Vial

Tell us about your career

L’Amicale de Production produces artistic transversal objects, halfway between the realms of theatre, visual and performing arts. Born in 2010, it defines itself as a “project cooperative” trying to respond to esthetic, technological and economical challenges related to new forms of authorship and aesthetics.

Julien Fournet
I have a degree in aesthetic philosophy and cultural engineering, the latter enabled me to work with artists. I was involved in creating la Malterie in Lille, a place of artistic research that makes me realize how difficult it was for emerging artists to work. I started up a structure for artists in residence (theatre and contemporary dance). In doing so, I became aware that as far as acknowledgment and legitimacy are concerned, limits were enforced in this difficult and sometime violent environment. So I wanted to build a place where artists could exchange, a place where they could free themselves from cultural institutions. For the artists I met seemed pretty unaware of the issues arose by the production process when they meaningfully impacted their work. With Antoine Defoort, we came to an agreement just before putting on Cheval, our first common project. We agreed on the fact that the issues arose by  production were an important part of the creative process. It is nothing but a question of aesthetic and political concerns.
When Halory Goerger joined us, we were ready to create the Amicale de Production. There is some interesting connection between art and production, a kind of balance from putting on a show to its final step. It is a prototype-economy model. The Amicale de Production is both an artistic and research laboratory. They feed of each other. After five years, we’ve made the decision to reinvent ourselves. So we’ve invited a new director – well-experienced in managing an artistic cooperative society – to join us and make the association evolve into a Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Commun (Interest grouping cooperative society).

interviews by Patrick Beaumont

Antoine Defoort
I used to study mathematics. At the time, art was not really part of my culture until I discovered contemporary art, plastic arts and performance… It felt like an epiphany, a rebirth so I decided to change and study arts. At the Beaux-Arts de Valenciennes, I became very interested in performance art. I studied the « show » as a relationship with a connected audience, in tune with the artist’s work, and as a multidisciplinary object in which texts, music and video can each have their own place…
So I started to carry out performances and put all chances on my side. I then applied to the Malterie in Lille in order to access to a workshop. There I met Julien Fournet who was the manager. We rapidly became friends, so when several opportunities to elaborate my work presented themselves, I asked him to help me develop the recent association I had created.
We produced our first true show in 2006 called « Cheval » which was a success. We even performed it in Rio ! We learnt a lot thanks to our first show : how to put on, produce and promote a show… Then Halory Goerger joined us on the next project : the Amicale de Production was born.

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