Halory Goerger

Bravo Zoulou

I started performing as an artist as I was doing research at the university. Quickly I started performing on a stage.

Tell us about your career

I started performing as an artist as I was doing research at the university. Quickly I started performing on a stage. I turned to performing arts in 2002, in little shows mixing video, poetry and acting and in which the form was always questioned. I also used to be a plastic artist performing in documentary projects.

I, together with other plastic artists, we created a kind of cabaret in which we used to perform our art. This may be the reason why today, I am accustomed to work independently from the traditional means of artistic production. In 2004, I started touring with Métrage Variable – my first solo. Consequently, I tried various means of production and distribution. In 2007, as we were performing &&&&& & &&&, we – that is me and the future co-creators of the Amicale de Production – we felt the need to create a collective of artists, the Amicale de Production. I was the artistic co-director until 2016. After fifteen years in the Amicale de Production, I wanted something else and created a company called Bravo Zoulou.

As far as I am concerned, Germinal rightly sums up what we are. It took us two years to write it. I felt the urge to write a new history of science and technology, a new history of ideas performed on stage. It is a traditional play, in keeping with the codes of theatre (unity of time, place and action). On the other hand it also is conceptual and different from what is traditionally showed on stage.

I had the great opportunity to tour a lot and learn about each step of the production process : scenography, technical knowledge, production. So, today I can have a comprehensive look on the projects, even though my main activities remain writing, directing and acting.

Le phénix supports all my projects. I met Romaric Daurier as I was touring with Métrage variable. I performed it again on the phenix’ stage in a more elaborate version. Our collaboration has been going on with Germinal, Les Thermes and more recently, Corps Diplomatique.

interview by Patrick Beaumont


What makes you a committed artist ? 
I’ve been living in the HDF region for 35 years. It is my home. I consider my art as a kind of artistic research. My attention has to be focused on three points. First of all, places – what is the best way and place to perform a show. Secondly, the artistic community – how to freely exercise their freedom of art and in doing so, extend the limits of our territory. Finally, the importance of the various forms of theatre and their relationship to poetry has always been expressed through workshops for all kinds of audience : in schools, universities, theaters and outside them, so as to broaden our horizons at an early age.
If my work consists in building a république géniale (a great republic) as Robert Filiou used to say, a republic whose frontiers depend on the communities living in it. Today my community is the audience, as well as the people supporting our work. It doesn’t end with the frontiers of our region, it extends to all of Europe. The political objective of my work is to protect some radical aesthetics and the way we work to give birth to our show, while creating the best conditions for the audience and .


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