Cédric Orain

Compagnie la Traversée

Cédric, what is your career path ?

I turned to theatre late in life as I first studied to become an engineer in applied mathematics. In 1999, I wanted to join the conservatoire of music in Grenoble. Unfortunately, I was told I was too « old », so as a second choice I started drama school. After a few months, I gave up my engineer studies. I was having a great time acting, speaking, moving, being on stage with powerful texts… I had found my place in life thanks to theatre.

Then, I joined the Cours Florent and worked as an actor in various shows. In 2004, I created La Traversée, a theatre company for I felt the need to put on my first show. The text was made of several texts by Antonin Artaud. Finally, I could produce my own play and be the master of my own taste in theatre. In 2006, I adapted on stage a text by Georges Bataille. Later on, I adapted texts by Pascal Quignard and Valère Novarina. They all have in common a strong relationship to words, as if seeking out some lost voice… Artaud talked about the impossible language, as if something was missing between speech and himself. Quignard wonderfully evokes the mystery of language, the frontier between language and silence, and music. Novarina is a speaking machine talking endlessly about the mystery of language, deconstructing it to no longer control it. I am fascinated by this relationship with words.
I have often worked with various artists from various disciplines :mentalist Kurt Demey, puppet artist Julien Aillet. For I need to work with artists who didn’t study drama. I need different people, it is a way of rewriting drama.

interview by Patrick Beaumont



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