Denise Wintsch

What is your career path ?

I am Swiss, I live and work in Zurich. I started working as a decorator before becoming a stage technician. In 2000, when I was 29 years old, I decided to make a change and started training as an actress. I approached things differently from my younger fellow students. Quickly enough, I expressed myself through my own artistic language.

Once I graduated, I played in several plays but I went back to my previous professional career as well. I need time as much as I need to feed on real life. This is what triggers the artistic urge in me. I find inspiration through contact with ordinary people, everyday issues and places. Objects found at the flea market, things I use to stage the stories I want to tell. My work is often devoid of words, it is physical and visual. I like precision. I like to play with time. Putting time at the heart of everything and giving it some space.

interview by Natacha Borel

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