L’Ouvrier du Drame

Marie Filippi, Marjorie Efther, David Scatollin

As we are not clowns, we were able to imagine the show differently.

Tell us about your career

Marjorie Efther
After following a course at the local conservatoire in Paris, I started to work with companies while going both to the conservatoire of Noisiel and the university of Paris 8 in Saint-Denis (master degree on Valère Novarina’s work). I also did an equestrian theatre internship at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in Châlons-en-Champagne. I started to work as Valère Novarina’s assistant director for l’Atelier Volant et Le Vrai Sang. Our university training is the connection between Marjorie and I, along with the idea that intellectual research gets a second life on stage and feeds the artistic creation.

Marie Filippi
Marie and I share a similar experience since we both went to the conservatoire – local and regional conservatoires like the conservatoire of Noisiel where we met. Afterwards I entered the EPSAD in 2009 where I met David Scattolin, who previously went to the regional conservatoire of Avignon.  I was mostly trained in theatre. I was also trained in the subject of the body and the mask. Our various trainings enabled us to mix different methodologies. So we felt like working on the subject of the theatre clown. Gilles Defacque and his team supported us thanks to the Pas à Pas plan. They encouraged us to show transitional steps of our work to meet and exchange with the audience. So we performed 5 or 6 times. Feedbacks helped us improve Vous êtes ici for two years. Created in 2014 at the Prémices festival, we had performed it more than 50 times in December 2016.

We came up with the gist of Vous êtes ici but we did not know yet how it was going to evolve. And then it became a true show. We were on stage as a duo and David Scattolin was the critical eye. Consequently, we imagined and wrote the show together. As we are not clowns, we were able to imagine the show differently. In 2015, we created a second show, Restes d’opérette, a solo inspired by L’opérette imaginaire by Valère Novarina. Marjorie was alone on stage and David and I were both directors.

interview by Patrick Beaumont

What makes you a committed artist ? 
The question of the audience
We feel like performing as clowns to do popular, accessible, for all audiences theatre. The essential question is to know why and for whom we do theatre, and how to make it more sensible. Vous êtes ici puts the audience in the spotlight, for the story is about two clowns arriving somewhere new to try to find the limits of the universe.
The audience is a true partner in a clown show. Its help is requested and we pay very close attention to its response : whether it may be attention, laughter or breath. Letting the audience attend our rehearsals and exchange with us is essential to our work and to ourselves.


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