Ioana Paun

What is your career path ?

I grew up in communist Romania in violent times. Lots of families experienced tragedies. Like many people from my generation one of my first recollections – I was four years old then – was the announcement on TV of dictator Ceausescu’s execution.  Then, I went to Bagdad, Iraq with my parents where I lived in a dictatorial context. All those events have pervaded my work. I was a good pupil. I was fond of mathematics so my decision to turn to theatre was a surprise to my family. Making up worlds and expressing my personal vision of the world is what I like the most in theatre. I studied in London at Goldsmiths University, so I experienced some edgy artistic approach. There I played in shows which made the audience participate. We performed in uncommon places such as a laundromat or a factory – for a play questioning work and the relationship between workers. In 2010, I went back to Romania before being called back to London to put up an international show within the framework of the 2012 Olympic Games. I’ve been living since then in Bucarest where I produced my own shows about human behaviors and tragedies. Such is the case for OMG and Domestic products which I’ll present at the phénix within the framework of the COC. It stars professional and unprofessional actors. Between art and journalism, my approach is feminist. I work together with journalist women and actresses. My objective is to support young artists. I host workshops for young Romanian artists on a regular basis. I was just nominated coordinator of the Performance Program of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucarest.

interview by Natacha Borel

Le Pôle Européen de Création initie des coopérations internationales avec des théâtres ou des institutions internationales qui contribuent à inscrire le projet dans un écosystème de diffusion plus large, catalyseur de développement des artistes du Campus. Artiste, activiste et performeuse de talent, Ioana Paun sera présentée pour la première fois dans le cadre de la saison France-Roumanie en partenariat avec l’Institut français et le Théâtre de Sfantu Gheorghe. Le Cabaret de curiosités 2019 sera l’occasion de faire découvrir deux de ses spectacles les plus marquants, Organism Modificate Genetic et Domestic Products. Le phénix produira ensuite une nouvelle création dont la première est prévue pour NEXT Festival 2019. L’objectif de ce focus 2019 sur son travail est de permettre d’initier une diffusion française et internationale de cette artiste majeure d’aujourd’hui et de demain. Un partenariat est en cours de discussion avec une des grandes maisons de production et diffusion européennes.

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