Nicolas Givran

What is your career path ?

After spending my childhood in the Paris suburb, I wanted to live closer to my parents’ region and culture. So I took the plunge and flew to the place where I currently live, the Reunion island. When I arrived, the only way to find a job was to take part in a professional integration program carried out by a theatrical company. The company was composed of young people who mostly had no professional experience whatsoever. I was first skeptic, but I rapidly found my feet and eventually took part in almost every show. The shows produced by the company were bilingual and as I hardly spoke Creole, I learnt it in the process. From 2009, I started producing my own shows and touring nationally. I met lots of people, worked with musicians like Grèn Sémé, discovered dancing and collaborated with a plastic artist from Reunion with whom I produced a play in 2014 – La chambre. Then, I discovered Angelica Liddell’s musical writing, a Spanish author who beautifully wrote Tout le ciel au-dessus de la Terre, from which is extracted L’île.

interview by Natacha Borel

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