Julien Gosselin, Amicale de production, Halory Goerger, Compagnie XY

Le phénix is more than a mere coproducer. This is why it supports independent companies and helps them cope with the risks implied by the production of a show. The scène nationale helps young artists figuring among the shining lights of French artistic creation, all very active within Europe.

Structuring artistic teams coping with national and international touring remains difficult and requests genuine thinking on how to support the young artistic generation. To answer these questions, the ECH took the initiative to offer an innovative strategy connecting the various partners in the production and circulation teams so as to encourage cooperation between the artistic teams and the public partners. The ECH has carried on an experiment to answer the need for these teams to be produced. An experiment whose key words are flexibility, inventiveness and reactivity so as to be able to meet the ambitious needs and growth of the artistic projects.

The associate artists gathered in an independent theatrical company, in a cooperative or in a production office in the Hauts-de-France region. They are supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Institut Français which grant programs to support national and international artists touring abroad..

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