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The two EC hubs in Hauts-de-France have a shared project to support the young regional and European rising generation of artists in this national and international circulation. The Hauts-de-France region is a singular contrasting territory at the heart of Europe endowed with great potential. Today’s young artists show a desire to face the issues experienced by a territory which singularities are also opportunities to play a part in cultural democratization. The HDF region can play a key role in France and Europe through the way artistic teams are guided in their commitment to inhabitants and the wish to face issues like cultural, social inequalities and discrimination.

A research lab

In addition to previous actions undertaken with the educational system, the phénix and la Maison de la Culture d’Amiens wish to create regional artistic workshops involving various audiences – families and teenagers, thus mixing social problematics like integration.
The objective is to involve inhabitants in European artistic projects and give a sense of legitimacy to those who lost it. The first invited artists are Portuguese Ana Borralho and Joao Galante and the Superamas collective of artists, with the special support of la DRAC HDF within the framework of the « Culture près de chez vous » program.

Supporting the young rising artists was a real need to which the HDF region answered. The two EC hubs will share their experience to be able to support 18 regional artistic teams and 6 national teams within a 6-year program (2018-2024) – a precious opportunity for the artists as far as circulation, artistic residences and financial support are concerned.
In addition to their local assets, the EC hubs will share their national and international assets (Flandres, Netherlands, Catalonia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Canada, Latin America, Taiwan, Japan…) to enable young artists to tour Europe, experience foreign mentoring and understand the circulation challenge. L’Institut Français, the ONDA and several international circulation agencies (Pro Helvetia, Institut Ramon Llull, Dutch Performing Arts, Centre Culturel Taiwan, Creative Europe) consider the challenge as exemplary.
To strengthen national circulation of artistic projects that are supported, a collaboration will happen between production offices to manage ahead the support to circulation and production.

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