2018/2019 International collaboration

TAIWAN Kaïdong, French-Taiwanese collaboration for the performing arts
SWITZERLAND Denise Wintsch, Émilie Charriot / Pro Helvetia + Joël Maillard / SSA Société suisse des auteurs

ROMANIA Ioana Paun / Saison France-Roumanie Institut français

BELGIUM Louis Vanhaverbeke, Sarah Vanhee / Campo Gand + Lisaboa Houbrechts / P.U.L.S. Toneelhuis Anvers + NEXT Festival

LA RÉUNION Nicolas Givran / TEAT Réunion

PORTUGAL Ana Borralho et João Galante

NATHERLANDS De Warme Winkel / Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

CANADA Cliniques Dramaturgiques / FTA Festival TransAmériques Montréal

The ECH encourages collaboration between theatre, international institutions or festivals to enable artistic projects to circulate more widely. Much more than a mere exchange, these international collaborations’ objective is to encourage the rising of artists and innovative projects.

We and each one of our partners share a common belief : institutional partners must support the most daring artistic projects by meeting their needs and accompanying them through a risky journey.

To do so, they must find new professional tools to support the artists. Together, they decide to take a step forward. It is about building a new, shared ecosystem.


Our collaboration meets the needs of both parts : guiding the artists through a globalized environment, making it easier to overcome the language barrier and the different cultural references. The first step toward international circulation is very important to this generation ; it is both a challenge and a step that cannot be failed. Many tools are provided to the artists : workshops, mentoring, artistic residency, executive production, supporting professional structuring, subtitling the shows, organizing touring in every national territory, meeting the audience and of course allowing the shows to circulate.

To provide a wider support, these collaborations are also the opportunity to meet professionals – French European and international artistic directors.


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