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The Institut français is in charge of implementing France’s cultural action abroad. The agency was set up by the July 27, 2010 French Foreign Cultural Action Act and its enabling decree of December 30, 2010.
Under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its role is to act as the conduit for a new, more ambitious “diplomacy of influence”, within the framework of French governmental policies and priorities. It will help to promote French influence abroad through greater dialogue with foreign cultures, while responding to the needs of France via a policy of listening, partnership and openness to other cultures. The Institut français replaces the Culturesfrance association, with the legal status of a “Public Industrial and Commercial Undertaking”.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has transferred a number of new missions to the Institut français in addition to those performed by Culturesfrance in the field of cultural exchanges and welcoming foreign cultures to France. Among these new activities are promoting the French language, thought and knowledge, as well as training the staff of the French cultural network. The Institut français upholds freedom of expression and diversity in today’s globalized world, while at the same time asser- ting its capabilities and expertise in the promotion of French culture worldwide. It is instrumental in projecting France’s influence and cooperative activities, and as a center of expertise and advice.
Furthermore, the Institut français has a central role to play in addressing today’s digital challenges. The Internet and social networks are transforming the way in which culture is disseminated. The Institut français will be adopting these technologies to turn them into a channel for advancing French influence.
Working closely with France’s cultural network abroad, in the shape of the instituts français and alliances françaises, the Institut français seeks to answer the needs of the country’s diplomatic missions. At the same time, however, it is promoting initiatives to pool projects more widely and achieve economies of scale. At a local level, it operates under the authority of the ambassador in the country concerned.

The Institut Français and the European Creative Hub
The Institut Français intends to go along with the phénix’s pilot scheme by promptly supporting the international dissemination of the supported projects. Building this partnership is a work in progress. It may consist in a three-party convention between the Institut Français, the Hauts-de-France region and the phénix, scène nationale, European Creative Hub.


Dutch Performing Arts is a programme promoting Dutch music, theatre and dance on the international stage. The programme, powered by the Performing Arts Fund NL, organizes a range of projects, among which the currently running Dutch Performing Arts | en France, aimed at increasing visibility and presence of Dutch theatre and dance in France.Relying on its expertness on Dutch and international performing arts, the staff of this programme are the privileged interlocutors of foreign professionals, assisting them in their search for and collaborations with Dutch-based artists. More than just a window, Dutch Performing Arts aims to be a real partner of innovative and creative initiatives.

Dutch Performing Arts in France
French and Dutch performing arts are both renowned for their dynamic contemporary artistic creation. However, the cultural fields are structured very differently. In a tense economic context with important budget cuts in both countries, building durable cultural bridges between the two countries is not self-evident: they need to be carefully built, supported and strengthened. This evident necessity to engage more strongly in the creation of new bridges gave birth to the Dutch Performing Arts | en France project

with the support of the Netherlands Embassy in France

DPA and the European Creative Hub
DPA / FPK is a Dutch support mechanism for international dissemination. It will work as a phénix’s partner within the framework of the 2017 Cabaret of Curiosities. Three Dutch artists will be welcomed and a study day on current Dutch artistic life will take place.
Making this partnership durable is a work in progress to have the ECH support Dutch artists.


A non-profit organisation, the Onda – Office national de diffusion artistique (French office for contemporary performing arts circulation), was established in 1975. An association funded by the Ministry of Culture and Communication (General Direction of Artistic Creation / Subdirection of European and International Affairs), the missions and goals of Onda are specified in the triennial agreements signed with the Ministry.

Onda promotes the dissemination within France of performing arts works that are consistent with a process of contemporary artistic creation concerned with the renewal of forms, and stimulates exchanges in the field of live performance in Europe and internationally.

Its scope of intervention covers all disciplines, whether stemming from theatre, dance, music, circus, puppetry, public space, whether these works are created in France or abroad, and whether they are aimed at adults or children.

Onda’s activities are focused on 4 main areas:
– Expertise and advice
– Meetings
– Financial support
– Europe and international

The Institut Français and the European Creative Hub
The ONDA and the phénix are talking about how the ONDA could support international dissemination. Involving the ECH in the network of national support mechanisms and dissemination programmes, to which the ONDA belongs, may be a good option.

A pilot partnership with Pro Helvetia is also in progress. Pro Helvetia is a support mechanism of Swiss contemporary art creation. A couple of Swiss artists may be annually supported by the ECH.

IETM réseau international
des arts du spectacle contemporains

IETM is a network of over 500 performing arts organisations and individual members working in the contemporary performing arts worldwide: theatre, dance, circus, interdisciplinary live art forms, new media. Members include festivals, companies, producers, theatres, research and resource centers, universities and institutional bodies.

IETM holds two plenary meetings a year in different European cities, and smaller meetings all over the world. Besides, IETM commissions publications and research projects, facilitates communication and distribution of information, and advocates for the value of performing arts. IETM advocates for the value of the arts and culture in a changing world and empowers performing arts professionals through access to international connections, knowledge and a dynamic forum for exchange.

IETM and the European Creative Hub
The phénix is an active member of the network. Most international partnerships it built were born and secured during IETM meetings.


Pro Helvetia promotes Swiss arts and culture with a focus on diversity and high quality. As the Swiss Confederation’s cultural promotion institution, Pro Helvetia supports projects that are of national interest.

Pro Helvetia foster new artistic creation in Switzerland by means of work grants. Support is provided for compositions, literary publications, visual artwork, productions by theatre, music and dance ensembles, as well as projects with an artistic take on new media and digital technologies.

One of the Confederation’s core tasks is the dissemination of Swiss culture abroad. Pro Helvetia supports exhibitions abroad and international tours by artists from various disciplines, foster literary translation, back promotional measures abroad and contribute to the funding of Switzerland’s presence at major international cultural events. Their offices abroad and residency programmes play an important role in maintaining international cultural relations and promoting dialogue with other cultures.

Pro Helvetia et le Pôle Européen de Création
Un partenariat pilote est en cours de conception avec Pro Helvetia qui soutient la création et la diffusion de la création contemporaine en Suisse. Un ou deux artistes Suisses seraient accompagnés annuellement dans le cadre du Pôle européen de création du phénix.

The AFDAS is a training organization dedicated to people working in culture, communication, media and leisure. The AFDAS manages all the professional training programmes in the performing arts, cinema, audiovisual media, advertising, leisure, press and publishing on a national scale.
The AFDAS contributes to finance trainings dedicated to temporary show business workers, employees enjoying a training plan or unemployed people enjoying an educational leave. It is also involved in collecting business contributions and complementary resources from institutional partners.

The AFDAS and the European Creative Hub
The AFDAS goes along with the ECH’s support mechanism. The AFDAS will be a partner of the ECH training programme. In December 2017, Julien Fournet, Diederik Peeters, Antoine Defoort, Hans Brysinck will present La mise en scène de la connaissance / Staging knowledge, a training course and a reflection on how a project starts from an idea to then become a show. 

L’Agence Nationale de la Recherche

ANR provides funding for project-based research in all fields of science – for both basic and applied research – to public research organisations and universities, as well as to private companies (including SMEs). Employing a method based on competitive peer reviews compliant with international standards, ANR provides the scientific community with instruments and programmes promoting creativity and openness, and stimulate new ideas and partnerships, particularly between academia and industry. Its activity also contributes to enhancing the competitiveness and the influence of French research in Europe and across the world.

Since 2010, ANR has also been the lead manager of the Investments for the Future programme in the field of higher education and research, in charge of project selection, funding and monitoring.
ANR’s activities aim at:

  • Developing science and technology
  • Rallying teams around societal and S&T challenges
  • Speeding up knowledge creation and transfer, and fostering academic-industry partnerships
  • Promoting collaborative work and interdisciplinary dialogue
  • Preparing a new generation of talents
  • Facilitating European and international collaborations

The main challenges the ANR works on are part of the European Strategic Agenda. ANR has designed and deployed a range of funding instruments to satisfy both the project-based funding needs of the research communities and the public policy for research and innovation in France.

The ANR and the European Creative Hub
The ANR puts artists in contact with research workers who may answer their questions or help them improve the intellectual and conceptual basis of their works in progress.


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