Commissioned by La Pop (Paris), after 20 days of residency in march 2017, we created a first 33mn piece called “For Morton Feldman”.

We are now dedicating multiple research periods in 2017-2018-2019 to develop two new pieces, based on this first tryout. In time, we’ll present all three pieces gathered in one stage. This ensemble, called  ” Four For “, will sum up the whole research and be a standalone piece. A fourth piece, hence the title.

Let’s sum up :

> Three small pieces  in different contexts (white cubes, black boxes, and the grey area in between).

  • For Morton Feldman : created in march 2017
  • For John Cage : creation june 2018 (non-public)
  • For Eliane Radigue : creation december 2018 (non-public)

> A play constructed with the 3 previous ones :

  • Four For (creation february 2019)

This won’t be documentary musical theater. We’ll take our chances and sail afar from the figures we summon, up to the point of forgetting about them. For instance, “For Morton Feldman” deals with terrorism and language. We did write the text after a long journey in his work and writings but it is not a homage nor a respectful translation of his musical thought. It is a torsion, a derivation. It reflects the mental climate generated by listening to the work.

How will we proceed ?

  • thorough documentary research on Morton Feldman, John Cage and Eliane Radigue
  • interviews with musicians and researchers  (musicology, neurobiology)
  • three original texts
  • three different dramaturgical approaches on the idea of staging music
  • visual arts-rooted pieces designed in relation with the music
  • musical research with the interprets (modification of the existing work)

conception Halory Goerger
distribution (en cours) Barbara Dang, Halory Goerger, Antoine Cegarra (…)
régie générale, construction Germain Wasilewski
son, développement, régie numérique Antoine Villeret
lumière Annie Leuridan
plasticien invité Sylvain Courbois
production Bravo Zoulou
coproduction (en cours) La Pop – Péniche Opéra (Paris), le phénix scène nationale Valenciennes pôle européen de création, Le Vivat scène conventionnée le vivat danse & théâtre (Armentières), Opéra de Lille, PACT Zollverein (Essen/Allemagne), BudaKunstenCentrum (Courtrai/Belgique)

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