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When I adapt a historical play or a classical play, I am highly interested in the relationship between a human being and the passions that precisely make him human. When I chose Hamlet by Shakespeare, I chose a feminine point of view, so the destructive relationship between Hamlet and his mother Gertrude became the core of the play. My priority is to prove Gertrude’s innocence and thus, put her back at the heart of the story.
To play this feisty character, I chose Grace Ellen Barkey. This play is literally a true family story. It is a mise en abyme as I also asked Victor Lauwers – Grace Ellen Barkey’s own son and Romy Louise Lauwers – her own daughter to perform the part of Hamlet and Ophelia.

interview by Natacha Borel

avec Grace Ellen Barkey, Victor Lauwers, Romy Louise Lauwers, Lobke Leirens, Seppe Decubber, Maxime Rouquart
traduction Victor Lauwers
assistance à la mise en scène Pauwel Hertmans
scénographie Oscar Van Der Put
costume Sietske Van Aerde
musique Maxime Rouquart
violoncelle (enregistrement) Simon Lenski, piano (enregistrement) Claire Chevallier
kamânche (enregistrement) Mostafa Taleb
coach vocal Seppe Decubber
stagiaire Kyra Verreydt
coproduction Kuiperskaai, Toneelhuis-p.U.L.S., Needcompany 

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