Éducation Sentimentale – Roman-Performance

Hugo Mallon

A few words about Education Sentimentale ?

For the very first time I’ve been asked to be the star. It doesn’t make much sense to me as the show we are putting on is the result of team work.
Together with L’Eventuel Hérisson Bleu company I already put on and directed two shows inspired from texts I wrote myself, including Minuit Cinquante Premier Décembre. 

Until today the company and I have always staged our own texts. It is different today with Flaubert’s novel and it is our first time !

I read L’Education Sentimentale for the first time when I was 18. It’s been haunting me since then. The first time I’ve read it, I didn’t like it so much. Then I read it again and that’s when I fell in love with it. I love it so much that I read it every year. I’ve been wanting to adapt it for a long time while thinking how crazy it would be.

During a residency of research at La Maison du Théâtre d’Amiens, we wanted to try to adapt Flaubert’s text on stage. There was no expectation and we weren’t sure it wouldn’t even be possible nor interesting. Next to the theatre, young people were working on a construction site during summer. They attended the rehearsals. We had the opportunity to share with them how extraordinary and modern this novel is. It may come from the 19th century but it is still enlightening the world today. It tells the story of a young man wondering what to do with his life ! It is a story about commitment – love commitment as well as political commitment…

Young people from the construction site who didn’t know Flaubert for the most part, proved to be very receptive. I told myself that adapting this novel much less famous than Madame Bovary was possible. I realized I wanted to share its amazing dimension.

This novel is almost impossible to adapt. It is pure literature. Not a single dialogue can be extracted as it is to be adapted on stage. From a quick look, it is almost impossible to adapt it on stage. So new forms had to be invented. This is the reason why I talk about a « performed novel ». The show will last 4 hours and shouldn’t be tedious !

On stage, five actors, the stage manager (who also plays) and a musician, all are members of the Eventuel Hérisson Bleu theatrical company. Despite my special bond with Flaubert’s novel, this play was definitely born from team work, which is what’s been uplifting me since the very beginning.

musique live, composition et arrangements Aurélien Hamm
lumières et vidéo Luc Michel
scénographie Marine Brosse
sonorisation Ludovic Heime
création costumes Alix Descieux-Read
régie générale Romain Crivellari
avec Stéphanie Aflalo, Marion Bordessoulles, Lou Chrétien-Février, Milena Csergo, Romain Crivellari, Aurélien Hamm, Aude Mondoloni et Antoine Thiollier
conception et réalisation L’éventuel hérisson bleu
L’éventuel hérisson bleu est conventionné avec le Conseil Régional des Hauts-de-France et reçoit le soutien du
Ministère de la Culture-DRAC Hauts-de-France, du Conseil Départemental de l’Oise, de la Communauté de communes
de la Picardie Verte et d’Amiens Métropole. Elle est accueillie en résidence à Mains d’Oeuvres (Saint-Ouen)de 2012 à 2015 et à la Maison du Théâtre d’Amiens de 2015 à 2018.
production (en cours…) L’éventuel hérisson bleu coproduction le phénix scène nationale  Valenciennes pôle européen de création, Maison du Théâtre d’Amiens-métropole – Scène conventionnée, Le Palace, Montataire – Scène conventionnée,
Théâtre du Chevalet, Noyon – Scène conventionnée / Soutiens Théâtre municipal Berthelot, Montreuil,
Théâtre Tout Thérain, Canny sur Thérain

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