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West R. N (RN stands for Route Nationale (National Road)) will be written with Dominique Hennebaut, a comic book writer with whom we already worked on Dracula. At the time, as we were writing a storyboard, we discussed the idea to work on a project in which we’d work on the rules of comic book writing. How can comic books impact shadow theatre and puppetry ? We will carry on our research asking ourselves questions like : what brings action to an action scene ?

In comic books, time is concentrated thanks to many vignettes. On stage, other codes will have to be imagined for actors and puppets. It will be a road-movie like Don Quixote, a story whose character lives in his own reality according to his own codes. We inspired ourselves from Quixote and Sancho Panza for our characters : two modern girls living in a fairground world, who imagine themselves as super-heroins to overcome their hard existence. Their community is always on the road to meet its audience. The idea underlying our show is that young people need to build their own fantasy world and assert it while building it. There is no real world, no fictitious world for we are constantly blending them together. Thus, we may change reality thanks to imagination and make the world a better place.

interview by Patrick Beaumont

text Filip Forgeau
direction Denis Bonnetier
drawings Dominique Hennebaut
vidéo Christophe Loiseau
music USMAR
with Marion Belot, Thaïs Trulio et Coline Fouilhé
scenography Denis Bonnetier / Ingénierie scénographique : Germain Wasilewski
recherches et animations vidéo Lorraine Desserre et Arthur Valter
stage manager Germain Wasilewski / Alexandre Paquin
coproduction Le Bateau Feu scène nationale Dunkerque, le phénix scène nationale Valenciennes pôle européen de création, La Barcarolle EPCC Spectacle vivant Audomarois et Le Studio Théâtre de Stains
with the support of la DRAC Hauts-de-France et du FEAC (Ministère de la Culture et Ministère des Outre-Mer), du Conseil Régional Hauts-de-France, de la Ville de Valenciennes et du Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis.
production cofinancée par Pictanovo (Fonds d’aide à la création associative).
with the support of la Maison Folie Wazemmes à Lille, Le Boulon – CNAREP à Vieux-Condé, Les Nymphéas à Aulnoy-lez-Valenciennes, Le Tas de Sable – Ches Panses Vertes à Amiens, Le Mouffetard théâtre des arts de la marionnette.
thanks to à l’Ecole RUBIKA de Valenciennes.
la Compagnie Zapoï est aussi soutenue par le Conseil Départemental du Nord et Valenciennes Métropole

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