The ECH helps develop artistic projects destined to grow internationally.

It also helps artists work throughout their creative process : from the early beginnings and the first stage of research to international dissemination.
Various tools and skills are provided to artistic teams :
– Resources useful to artistic research thanks to a partnership with the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR, National Agency for Research)
– Writers pool
– A board of experts in international networks of production and distribution
– Department of production partners
– Technical assessment by the Phénix’s technical team
– Consulting services
– Artistic residency

The ECH gives priority to projects whose process may take 1 to 3 years.

The ECH provides services that can be combined :

1. Artistic assessment with the phénix’s artistic direction
what does the project need ? What stage has it reached ? What kind of support may be provided by the ECH ?

2. Laboratory / workshop « mise en scène de la connaissance / staging knowledge » by the Amicale de Production
The opportunity is given to discuss a possible project :
– Reflecting on how an idea may be turned into an artistic work
– A collective approach (group of 10 to 15 artists) intended to turn an idea into reality and present it to benevolent people

3. Research residency
The research residency is an opportunity for the artist to broaden his conceptual world and broach through research the subject he chose. Our partnership with the ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) is regularly required to find researchers who may enrich the artistic drive, help strengthen a new project or help an artist come up with a project.

4. Dramaturgy residency
The artist is developing the ideas behind his artistic project before starting the production stage.
It may also be an opportunity to be advised by a playwright during the artist residency.

5. Technical assessment
The Phénix’s technical director and stage manager help the artist materialize his ideas whenever he may need it : before starting the project so as to assess its feasibility, its human and material needs or during the production stage to overcome technical difficulties.

6. Consulting production and programming professionals
Programmers and distributors help the artist define the context in which his work may be produced and the means to do so.

7. Artistic residency
The artistic residency may consist in several steps :
– residency at le phénix where total or partial payment of artistic work, technical needs, accommodation, catering and consulting services may be granted.
– residency in an associated theatre covering technical needs, accommodation and catering. Le phénix is then granting total or partial payment of artistic work as well as consulting services.
– residency already subsidised by an associated theatre. Le phénix is then granting payment of consulting services.
When the residency is over, a meeting called Rencontres complices takes place. A chosen group of intermediaries is appointed to answer the artists’ questions. It enables the artist to present its work-in-progress and question a committed benevolent and mindful audience about his work.

8. When the residency is over
When the residency is over, the artist meets with our coordinators of artistic projects to define how the show should be presented and how to stimulate audience engagement.

9. Programming the project at le phénix and throughout the region
If valued as necessary by production and programming professionals, some shows may be programmed within the framework of popular events (Cabaret of curiosities, NEXT festival) as it may encourage further programming.

10. Supporting artistic dissemination
If essential to international dissemination and programming, le phénix may support a project, in partnership with the Institut Français and the ONDA to help it find an international programmer.

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